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I was encouraged by an astute and beloved colleague to return to college.  My children were in middle school and in high school at the time. During a conversation one day, she learned that I had dropped out of college one year after graduating from high school.  She encouraged me (and doggedly pursued me) to register for classes at the local community college. After taking one course, I realized that I loved intellectual activity and appreciated intellectual discussions.  This is my educational journey:

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Valencia Community College
Degree: AA Liberal Arts

This is where I re-entered the academic world. An adult learner who sat in classrooms surrounded by students half my age (or younger).  I persevered through required courses and went on to earn my AA completing a combination of in-classroom and online courses. I was re-ignited my love of learning and did not hesitate for a moment to look to the future for the next step in my educational journey. I would settle on the college ranked #1 of the Best Colleges in Regional Universities South (2024) that happened to be 20 minutes away.


Rollins College
Hamilton Holt School
Degree: BA Organizational Behavior
2002-2005 (3.80 GPA - Magna Cum Laude)

I must admit with the exception of one course (Tests & 

Measurements) I soaked up the learning in every class.

The professors were encouraging and I owe my gratitude to

many of them. Especially supportive of me was Dr. Richard Bommelje

(co-author of "Be Quick to Listen") and a member of my church and Dr. Marie Shafe. Her class, Resiliency and Positive Psychology, opened a new world for me and her encouragement to apply to Case Western fueled my passion to learn more. Electives such as Biblical Characters as Role Models for Education, Great Theologians and Biblical Meaning and Truth were invaluable in helping me stand firm in my convictions. The question became: How might I be able to impact the Kingdom of God by learning about strengths based organizational development and studying the science of change at Case Western?


Case Western Reserve
University -
Weatherhead School of Management
Degree: M.S. in Positive Organization Development & Change (MPOD)
(2008-2010 - 3.925 GPA)


MPOD is a 17-month hybrid on-site and online program. Admission requirements included a Bachelor's Degree, full time job, and 5-7 years of work-related experience. At the time I applied, I was serving as a Ministry Assistant at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Oviedo, FL. I sat in classrooms taught by the same faculty who pioneered strengths-based approaches.  Emphasizing strengths-based approaches to organization development, change management and leadership, the possibilities of using what I was learning to help churches grow increased with each course. Dr. David Cooperrider introduced me to Appreciative 

Inquiry. The classes of Dr. Richard Boyatzis ignited my passion for Coaching and Emotional

Intelligence. Professors Cohen, Fry, and Nielsen rounded out my education with Foundations

of Strategic Thinking, Managing Organizational Change, Building Sustainable Enterprises,

Effective Consulting, etc. The experience was enriched by a 7-day international study tour to

England's Ashridge House (Hult Ashridge executive education) and to Katholieke 

University in Leuven, Belgium.


Additional Training- 

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